Short Film: Captivated Legend (2015)

Captivated Legend: Short Film (2015)
Design: Suzi Oroz
Head pieces: Moana Art
Video: José Hidalgo
Make-Up: Janine Lindekugel, Moana Art, Eliza Nova, Evelyn Wascher, Tanja Stiffi
Music: INIOR from Paris
Lenght: 3:59
Synposis: During the war the number of mysterious happenings increased steadily. HORSE OWNERS found their animals drenched in sweat at dawn in their stables; what was even more curious, though, was the countless amount of tiny and intricately woven braids in their mane and tail.
It was told that breathtaking beauties with one HUMAN FEET and one being a hoof would step out of the deepest forests to bless the humans with hopeful „miracles“ so they would be able to overcome those miserable times.
They were barely seen by anyone, though. For those nocturnal beings, the nymphes, preferred the company of their own kind.
Cast: Mike Heiter, Christina Plaß, Isabel Maria Gertz, Jennifer Janowski, Katharina Stöhr, Laura Heer, Soraya Abed, Theres Kleinekemper, Veronika Czeglarski & Sarah Ziese

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